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Capturing Paws, Unleashing Smiles: Where Every Tail Tells a Tale

I get it – you want those perfect, Instagram-worthy shots of your dog running free and wild. But what if I told you that a leash doesn’t have to cramp your pup’s style, risk their safety, or hinder your dream photos? Here’s a secret: 80% of dog photo sessions include a leash!

Unleashing the Beauty of Leashed Dog Photography in Maine

dog fall photo with foliage

January 29, 2024

Top tips on how to prepare for your dogs dream photoshoot! Hey there, fellow dog lovers and pet parents in Maine! I’m your friendly neighborhood pet photographer, and I’m here to spill the kibble on how to get your furry best friend all ready for a tail-wagging, picture-perfect photoshoot. So, grab a treat (for both […]

Capturing Canine Charm: Tips for a Pawsitively Perfect Dog Photoshoot in Maine

white swiss shepherd photoshoot in mountains

October 12, 2023


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