Does my dog have to be off leash?

Frequently Asked Questions

To be honest, 80% of the dogs I photograph are on leash! My skills allow me to photograph your dog leashed, and remove the lead during my editing process to make it look like it was never even there. Your dogs safety and comfort level is always my top priority. We can still have an amazing session on leash!  

What is your availability?

Sessions take place an hour or two before sunset for the most flattering lighting, or during/directly after sunrise. Sessions are limited to 5-8 clients per month. You can check out my live availability here for local sessions where you can book directly. Please talk with me first about session requests taking place 2+ hours of 04252 to make sure I can travel!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I completely understand and empathize that having a professional dog photographer is a luxury service and isn't in everyone's budget, but you still want to invest into a quality experience and photos of your dog. I offer personal payment plans (biweekly, monthly, etc) and Afterpay via Square. 

What if i have more than one dog?

All sessions include two dogs from the same household! Any additional dogs are $25 each, and extra session time will be given with no extra charge. 

Where are you located? do you travel?

I'm based out of Lisbon, Maine and I serve all areas of this wonderful state. I also happily serve and travel to the neighboring New England States for sessions! After 25 miles, a travel fee is applied at 0.67/mile. If you live far (like,  a plane ride away), please visit my us travel session information here.

Do i have to buy digital images or wall art/prints/products?

Unlike other pet photographers, I include digital image downloads with all my sessions. However, I firmly believe there is a disservice if you're investing into a professional dog portrait session and then the images are not printed, or printed through an uncalibrated consumer lab (like CVS) . I offer the option to print your photos through me as I use professional quality labs all throughout the world, bringing my clients the best of the best artwork pieces!  

How can i book? What are your prices?

Yay! You can head right over to my pricing page, or for alllll the information you can grab my welcome guide which reviews the session experience and full pricing packages!