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At the heart of my photography practice lies a commitment to giving back to our furry friends in need. As someone who has two adopted dogs, I know first hand all the struggles these guys go through, and the support they need. That's why I've made the intentional decision to limit my sessions each month. By doing so, I ensure that I have the time and resources to lend a helping hand to pets in our community who require it most. Every booked session plays a pivotal role in making this possible, creating a ripple effect of compassion and support throughout the community. When I have a session scheduled, it allows me to allocate my free time toward supporting pet-centered non-profits and rescues, whether it's through volunteering, fundraising efforts, or providing pro bono photography services. Thank you for joining me in this meaningful journey of giving back and making a positive impact in the lives of our furry friends.

to pets in need

giving back

discounted end of life sessions

non-profit fundraisers

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educational workshops

rescue + shelter support

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Please reach out if there's anything I can do to support you. Weather it be from adoption photos of dogs that are desperate for a forever home, an auction item needed, collaborating in a fundraiser together, or anything else in between - I'm here for you. 

Every quarter I leave room to give back, let's see what we can do together!

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Are you an animal rescue, shelter, or non-profit organization?

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